Strange Loop 2010 – Early Bird Registration

The early bird registration is about to end for the Strange Loop 2010 conference. This is the second year of the conference. The first year was awesome, hopefully they can only make it better.

Go to the site to see the speaker list, because it’s too long to list here.

Early bird registration for Strange Loop is open until 8/6/10. Don’t miss out – sign up now for just $150 through Aug. 6th.

Strange Loop 2009 posts



Strange Loop 2009 – Day 2

My notes and thoughts about day two of strange loop 2009.

Also be sure to check out my Day one notes.

jQuery – Matt Taylor

Mobile Development 101

Entrepreneur Talk – Panel Discussion

Polyglot Grails – Jeff Brown

Minimalism – Alex Payne

List of slides on
Day two sessions


Strange Loop 2009 – Day 1

A new developer conference has started in St Louis this year named Strange Loop. Normally I don’t go to developer conferences because they are either in a different country or on the coasts. This one was close by in St Louis, MO. And from the quality of speakers and diverse sessions I predict next years conference will sell out very quickly unless they increase the capacity. Below are my overall topics/themes I took away from the conference and some interesting points from each talk I witnessed along with links to the speaker’s site and slide show if available.

Day two

Strange Loop Thoughts Overall

Functional Ruby – Dean Wampler

Polyglot Programming – Dean Wampler

Griffon (Swing just got fun again) – James Williams

Future of Java – Bob Lee

Day two

Day One Sessions