.Net Data Provider Overview

This is a high level summary of the basic .Net API’s for interacting with a database. This includes a short description of each and how they relate to each other. As a developer with mainly a Java and PHP background I was unclear about how ADO.Net related to OleDb and I had no idea what was meant by the term “.Net Data Provider”. I created this because the msdn documentation is HEAVILY focused on ADO.Net and does not give a clear picture of how the many namespaces, interfaces, and classes interact. Please add comments to correct or enlighten. Note at this time the relation of .Net Providers to Nhiberante, LINQ to SQL, and Entity Framework is not covered in this post.

.Net Data Provider


Four examples of System.Data Implementations









Core Classes

  • SqlConnection
  • SqlCommand
  • SqlDataAdapter
  • SqlDataReader
Core Classes

  • OleDbConnection
  • OleDbCommand
  • OleDbDataAdapter
  • OleDbDataReader
Core Classes

  • OdbcConnection
  • OdbcCommand
  • OdbcDataAdapter
  • OdbcDataReader

Core Classes

  • iDB2Connection
  • iDB2Command
  • iDB2DataAdapter
  • iDB2DataReader



NHibernate 2 Beginner’s Guide – Book Review

Book on Amazon

Finally someone has written an in depth beginners book for nhibernate.  Nhibernate 2.0 Beginners Guide written by Aaron Cure is just that and more.  Wow do I sound like a car salesman.  I was a little disappointed when I read Nhibernate In Action last year, because it was more of a reference than a tutorial.  This book is definitely what the title states, which is a beginners guide.  The book contains step by step examples of how to find, setup, and use nhibernate.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn nhibernate.  By the way I think all .netters should do just that.



Chapter Notes


NHibernate in Action – Book Review

Book on Amazon

All summer I meant to read the book “NHibernate In Action”. I finally got around to it, better late than never I guess. In my opinion this book is aimed at higher level programmers such as lead developers or architects. The book does not contain clear step by step examples of how to get NHibernate running. However it does provide in depth conceptual reasoning why anyone would want to use NHibernate along with reference style examples. If you are trying to learn NHibernate  you are better off reading a few online tutorials first and after that read this book so you can understand exactly what NHibernate is doing and how it does it. Below are some book pros & cons, NHibernate links, and chapter summaries.



Helpful NHibernate Links

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


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